Alongside the Gundlach and Becker families, the Liphardt clan has been one of the most important glass makers, potters and pot makers since time immemorial. As early as in 1537, a certain Claubes Lippert was listed in the Hessian register of glass makers as a glazier and smelter in the Kaufungen forest. In 1557 Peter Liphard was mentioned in old documents on the occasion of a dispute with the head forester during a meeting of 200 glaziers from all over the country.


Even then, environmental protection measures were important, since the forest stock was threatened by the enormous amounts of hardwood required to heat the glass smelting furnaces. The glaziers were forced to move away or changed their craft to pottery and pot production. Despite this, the tough competition led to poverty among the pot makers so that by 1750 they were no longer even able to pay for their firing costs. These were then financed in advance by the mayor, on the condition that all the pots had to be delivered to him at a fixed price or that he was to have a share in the money earned by the pot makers selling their goods themselves. This led to a significant deterioration in the quality of the pots, since pot makers hardly had a chance of making a profit anymore anyway. One pot maker defended himself bravely:


He managed to leave the guild. It was a long-winded process, and he swore - tradition tells us - "if I win the dispute, I will have myself painted on glass" (see illustration on the right). The original painting dated 1783 is well preserved and shows the pot maker Engelhard Liphardt, the grandfather of Konrad Liphardt who gave the present company its name. The company brand mark, an old guild sign, goes back to Elias Liphardt in Großalmerode, testified in a letter dated September 7, 1617, stored in the State Archive in Marburg/Lahn (R.K.G. file E 32).


Today, our range of products not only includes fireclay and high alumina bricks for industrial furnaces and tiled stoves, but also nitride-bound SiC for waste incineration plants and technical ceramics in high-performance turbines, for example. Our broad range of products includes:

  • - Fireclay bricks - High alumina bricks - Lightweight refractory bricks and insulating bricks - Saggers and induction pots for steel- Massen und Feuerbetone - Bodies and refractory concrete - Mortar and putty - Finished parts made of SiC - Engineering ceramics

Alongside tried-and-trusted and mature technologies used in the casting mould environment, our products are also pressed hydraulically and iso-statically. Our large number of sintering furnaces enables us to manufacture small and large quantities economically up to a sintering temperature of 1,750°C.


With our own toolmaking department, we are your competent partner for complex moulded bricks and special formats. We are able to react flexibly to your wishes so that our products can be used quickly in your company.


Customer wishes, capacity and reliability are important factors in our company philosophy. Our company currently employs around 65 people, manufacturing technical and refractory ceramics.



We will endeavour in future, too, to adapt to changing market situations so that we can always offer customers the right product at the right time. Our aim is to continue the family tradition.

"Tradition doesn't mean preserving the ashes, it means looking after the fire."