Have a look at our production facilities:


Standard ceramics

In the standard ceramics department we manufacture all common refractory formats as well as special moulded bricks adapted to customer processes. Thanks to our considerable machinery outfit, we are always in a position to meet our customers' wishes with regards to delivery times, formats and quantities.

Engineering ceramics

We manufacture high-performance products in the engineering ceramics department. We are able to avoid process-related soiling thanks to a separate product line for high alumina bricks. The press we operate stands out thanks to its extremely high precision down to tenths of a millimetre.


Vibro stands for vibration-cast products. Here, we make complex components and small series according to cast mould design. All common refractory concretes are processed. Vibration-cast components from Conrad Liphard & Söhne GmbH are firmly established, for example, in the fields of regenerative heating technology, furnace and plant construction, smelting and foundry requirements as well as in high-temperature engineering processes. The ceramic firing of all our finished components guarantees best durability and optimum service life in use.


In our toolmaking department, we make almost all our tools ourselves. A CNC-controlled milling machine allows us to master even the most complex of geometries. This means we can react flexibly and extremely quickly to customer wishes.


Our products are subject to permanent quality controls. In close cooperation with the company engineer, this control process results in the continual improvement of our quality. Our standard testing and approval criteria include bulk density, open porosity, dimensions and material strength.

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Furnace units

To be able to offer our customers as wide a product range as possible, we use a total of 6 furnaces with maximum firing temperatures of up to 1750°C with variable furnace atmosphere. With different useful volumes of 1.5 m³ to 20 m³, we are able to achieve the optimum relationship between batch size and quality requirements. As an important quality criterion for ceramic materials, the firing process is subject to permanent monitoring.